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Q: How much is something that was purchased in 1970 for 38.00 worth in 2007?
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What is old stock of winn dixie worth from the 90s?

Nothing. Winn-Dixie declared bankruptcy in 2006 and their stock became worthless. The current stock is a new stock symbol and is worth $9.25/share. Your stock is only worth something if purchased after 2007.

What was fifty dollars worth fifty years ago?

$200.00 $250.00 Fifty years ago, $50 was worth $50. Today, $50 is worth $50. Product purchased for $50 in 1957 would cost about $365 in 2007. Product purchased for $50 in 2007 would have cost about $7 in 1957. See Related Links for inflation calculators.

What is the Pines on the Dunes By Jan Kagie Jr Worth?

I have the original. I purchased it in Victoria Aus in 2007

If something was worth 100000 dollars in 1971 what would it be worth today?

It would cost more. Let's just say that cars back in the 1930s were about $1,000 because we didn't have the money that we have today. Now that we have more money, prices go up. It's all politics. here is a page with a converter they only go up to 2007 though according to them a 1970 dollar is worth about 5.34 in 2007 Well 5.24*100,000=534,000

How many silverados were purchased or leased in 2007?

According to the Chevrolet website, there were 502,105 Silverado's purchased or leased in the year 2007

How much is a 2007 P-mint Utah quarter worth?

It depends if it has anything unordinary, or something that another quarter doesnt have.

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There were over 271,676,000 turkeys raised in 2007.

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