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In 2011, Tottenham Hotspur de-listed themselves from the Stock Market.

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Q: How much is one share of Tottenham Hotspur worth?
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How much is tottenham hotspur worth?

Actual 'face' value about £350-375m, Sale value about £450m. You thinking about putting in a bid?

How much was Tottenham Hotspur winger Luka Modric?

Tottenham Hotspur sold Luka Modric to Read Madrid on the 27th August 2012 for £33,000,000.

How much does it cost for a child to walk on the pitch with a footballer of Tottenham Hotspur?

There isn't any released prices on becoming a Mascot for a match at White Hart Lane. Check out the " Related Links " section, for more details and the direct link to official website for Tottenham Hotspur.

How much would it cost 2 adults and a child to see the next home game of Tottenham Hotspur?

The prices for Tottenham Hotspur depends on what game you are going to see. They vary between Category A, B and C, depending on the opposition. Please check the website for further details. ( See Related Links ).

How much did Jürgen Klinsmann cost Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich bought Jürgen Klinsmann from Tottenham Hotspur for approximately £975,000.

Why do Tottenham Hotspur hate Arsenal so much?

Tottenham Hotspur don't ' hate ' Arsenal. They have a fierce rivalry with each other. They are both located in North London, and are only 4 miles away from each other. There is always bragging rights on who is the better team in the the North of London.

How much is a 1950 tottenham vs Arsneal programme worth?


How much is a Tottenham signed football year 2000 worth?

ive done some research and my signed football actually costs 18.00 because ive checked on the actual hotspur website so i think yours would be a few more hundred pounds.

How much did tottenham pay ac Milan for jimmy greaves in 1961?

He briefly joined the Italian side A.C. Milan in 1961 and scored 9 goals in 12 games but failure to settle led to a quick departure. Bill Nicholson then signed him for Tottenham Hotspur for £99,999. The unusual fee was intended to relieve Greaves of the pressure of being the first £100,000 player.

How much would an October 1981 Tottenham Hotspur signed football from the FA Cup winning team be worth?

�95 Hi. I have the matchball from the 1982 match and my aunt was offered 500 pounds sterling two minutes after she'd won it in the raffle. I'd keep hold of it if i were you. 95 pounds as a quote is rediculous!!!! Come on you spurs!!!!!!

How much is a Tottenham signed football from 1972 worth?

who gives a crap westham all the way loool :D

How much is your 1981 fa challenge cup centenary final program Manchester city v tottenham worth?

a tenner