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You can buy them for about 75.00 so yours would sell to a dealer for half that probably.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-10 21:47:02
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Q: How much is my case knife collectors edition for nolan ryan's 5000th strikout worth?
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Is a buck hunting knife considered a collectors item?

A buck hunting knife is not considered a collectors item. This is because it is used for hunting, and it is not an older item. It is newer, and it is going to be used a lot by most people.

What is the Knife that bear grylls has on tv?

Gerber Bear Grylls edition knife is the latest one.

What is the value of a dale Earnhardt frost cutlery limited edition pocket knife?

dale earnhardt hen and rooster knife

What is a special edition knife E12CP from Ernie Irvin's collection worth?


How many pages does the subtle knife book have?

327 pages in the US edition

What is the value of a KKK pocket knife?

Is this a Hen & Rooster Limited edition knife, ? I have absolutely no association with the KKK and think it's a ridiculous but can answer your question.

How do you get a punch knife in Mafia Wars?

it is a limited edition loot you can only get it if you win it in a fight

How much would a 2004 limited edition Winchester knife Cost?

150 dollars

What is the value of a Smith Wesson Collectors Series knife with the bowie shape with engraved riverboat on it?

65 USD or so

What is the value of a Case knife collector series limited edition 1993 Sugar bowl knife where Alabama bet Miami Still in original box and numbered?


What is the value of a smith and Wesson 1978 special edition fixed blade knife?

50 USD or so

What is the most expensive buck knife?

The most expensive buck knife is called Rising Wisdom and the item number is 0110YISLE-B. It is made by David Yellowhorse and is limited edition. It costs $690.

How many pages does the subtle knife have?

The Subtle Knife has more than one edition. The Yearling paperbook has 368 pages. It was written by Phillip Pullman.

What is a buck desert storm knife?

A Desert Storm Limited Edition Buck knife was created in honor of the first Iraq War. It is significantly more valuable than other Buck brand knives.

Who invented a wicked looking knife bearing his name?

A Bowie knife is a style of fixed-blade knife first popularized by Colonel James "Jim" Bowie in the early 19th Century. It was first made by James Black, although its common use refers to any large sheath knife with a clip point.The Jim Bowie knife first became famous due to Bowie's use of a large knife at a duel known as the Sandbar Fight. The knife pattern is still popular with collectors, in addition to various knife manufacturing companies there are hundreds of custom knife makers producing Bowies and variations.

How much is a 1987 Boker Limited edition knife 200th anniversary of the constitution worth?

all you can get for it lol depends on condition and serial number'

What can one purchase from the Korin website?

Products that can be purchased from the Korin website mainly relate to Japanese tableware and chef knives. Products such as knife accessories, gift sets and collectors knives.

What is the best knife set under $100?

Chicago Cutlery Landmark Edition 12-Piece Block Set is the highest quality set for under $100.

What are the meaning of knives?

of Knife, of Knife. See Knife.

What is the density of a knife?

Density of a knife = (mass of the knife)/(volume of the knife)

How do you know if a 1918 trench knife is a replica or not?

Take it to a collectors show. They are more than happy to show you if they think you were scammed. to start with, look for "LF & C" stamped on the knife. Repros say some other company. Replicas worth $25 are marked US 1918 on the brass handle.

What is the difference between a Schrade knife and a bread knife?

A Schrade knife can be a pocket knife, a hunting knife, a fillet knife, etc. However, a Schrade knife is generally not a bread knife (used for bread). A Schrade knife generally has more special uses.

Are trench knives illegal in North Carolina?

Not enough info to answer. Define what YOUR definition of a "trench knife" is. The military designation describes a bayone- length knife with a serrated blade, or partially serrated, and a grip consisting of brass knuckles with a skull crusher spike. THAT kind of knfe is unlwful ANYWHERE, except to collectors.

What is the Tac Knife In MW2?

The tactical knife is a knife attachment that you can use to knife twice as fast.

Different kind of kitchen knife?

Bread knife Carving knife Kitchen knife Vegetable knife Filleting knife Pairing knife Ham knife Butter knife Chef's knife Tomato knife Lettuce knife Ceramic knife Serrated knife Utility knife All purpose knife Pizza knife Grapefruit knife Carving knife Santoku knife Slicing knife Boning knife Japanese vegetable knife Spatula Cleaver Chopper (there are probably more).

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