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Q: How much is my 2000 revolution martin brodeur ice sculptures card worth?
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What is an autographed martin brodeur rookie card worth?

About 15-30 dollars depending on condition of the card

How many is my 2008-09 McDonald's Superstar Spotlight Martin Brodeur worth?

less than what you bought it for. sorry to break the news.

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What is the value of a 2007 nhl eastern conference all-star jersey signed by all of the players including Sidney Crosby Alex Ovechkin Daniel briere martin brodeur etc?

about 3000 but wait about 7 more year all of them will be the HF and it will worth about 4 times as much

What is the value of a martin brodeur hockey card?

A typical Brodeur Rookie card is usually sold for 15 but can be bought for usually 10 after you talk someone down. If it is graded 10 in perfect shape it's worth around 70. The one that is half french is worth about 20.

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