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Q: How much is football player for Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis?
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Baltimore Ravens oldest and active NFL player?

Ray Lewis #52. 16 years with Baltimore Ravens he is 36 years old.

What is Kapron Lewis-Moore's number on the Baltimore Ravens?

Kapron Lewis-Moore is number 67 on the Baltimore Ravens.

Information on ray Lewis?

Ray Lewis began playing for the Baltimore Ravens in 1996. He was involved in football and wrestling in high school.

What are all the teams that ray lewis played for?

Dion Lewis plays for the Cleveland Browns.

Which Baltimore Ravens player watches videos of lions hunting before each game?

Ray Lewis

How big was Ray Lewis his senior year of high school?

Ray Lewis from Baltimore Ravens was a tough football player from the fat in is kajjs. kajjs means mslkj i ee speek e deefeerent langage okey ; goot it.

When did ray Lewis get drafted?

1996, to the Baltimore Ravens.

Who won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award in 2003?

2003 Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens Linebacker

Who led the Baltimore Ravens to the Super Bowl?

Ray Lewis

How many interceptions does ray Lewis have?

Ray Lewis has 31 career interceptions with the Baltimore Ravens

Does ray Lewis have a Super Bowl ring with Baltimore Ravens?


When did ray Lewis start pro football?

The Baltimore Ravens legendary Linebacker made his professional debut September 1, 1996. The Ravens beat the Raiders 19-14, and snagged his first NFL interception.