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to be honest gt biek frames suck, their company is just poor and they need money for their thirty pound frames. that is why they are about 300 dollars and 800 for a complete bike get a premium if you are looking for a good bmx company

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Q: How much is as gt chrome bike worth?
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How much does the gt bump bmx bike weigh?


How much would a GT bmx bike costs?

About $75 thnx for your time

What bmx is better gt or x-rated?

GT there soo much better , x-rated is an halfords own bike and not very good .

Was the gt intercepter a good bike?

When the Interceptor first came out, they were GT's bottom of the line BMX bike. It's a better bike now, but still a low end bike.

How much does a gt Mach 1 bike weight?

If u want to learn how much a mach bike weighs, I'll tell u this, it's faster than the acro bike. Only that u can do more stuff on an acro bike

Where can a GT bike be bought?

One may purchase a GT mountain bike directly with GT bicycles's website online. Locally one may want to consult the yellow pages for bike retailers who carry the brand.

How much is a GT outpost trail bicycle worth?


How much is a 1999-2004 mustang gt worth?

about 8000

What kind of bicycle does Jodie ride on the movie Baby Boy?

The bike that Jodie rides in the movie Baby Boy, is a 90's GT Dyno Roadster. The welded tank, graphics and twisted chrome are all add ons to this bike. Domingo

What is a good BMX bike for you to get?

GT or Diamond back, GT's are cheaper though

What made gt bike brand?

Gary Turner invented the GT brand.

Is the gt bump a good bike?

Yes it is a good bike I realy recommend you getting it