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$ 1500

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โˆ™ 2006-06-14 17:54:11
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Q: How much is an original 1966 Football World Cup program worth?
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How much is an original 1966 World Cup program worth?


What is a Gone with the Wind playbill worth?

What is original program of Gone With The Wind at opening in Atlanta worth. This program is in great shape.

How much is a football program worth with dbeckham and afergisons signatures?


What is the program from the 1961 World Series worth?

it is between 100-250

How much is an original FIFA 1954 world cup medal worth?

As it is original medal it will cost something.

How much is a Manchester United vs Chelsea 1966 football program worth?

i dont know u tell me.

How much is a 1966 Football World Cup commemorative medal worth?


What are original world war 1 battle maps with dates worth?

nothing betch

How much would a signed football by the 1966 world cup winning England squad be worth?

This could be worth several thousand Euros. Even more if this is an original Slazenger ball as used in the 1966 World Cup. Some of the signatures are worn, the ones signed in blue ink are visable but some are signed in black in which have faded. Does anybody know if these can be brought to life... And it is the original slazenger ball used in the 1966 World Cup.

Who is the richest football club in world 2012 now?

Real MadridNet worth: $636.5 million

How much is a Manchester United vs Chelsea 1969 football program worth?

About £2.50 from any specialist dealers catalogue - not in any way rare.

How Much is a Chris Cooley signed football worth?

How Much is the same Autographed football by Chris Cooley and Mike Sellers football worth

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The original is worth up to 500 to700 dollars

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The original cabbage patch is worth millions.

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It's worth 129 dollars in it's original price

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How much it is worth can be found as Barcelona is the third richest club in the world, after Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Are photos of World War 1 worth anything?

If they are originals, that is made from the original negatives at the time, yes.

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On the 31st August 2008, Manchester City was rumoured to have made a 150million pound bid for Cristiano Ronaldo although it was rejected. That would probably make him worth the most in world football today if clubs are playing amounts like that for him.

How much is a 1991 Robert Brown football card worth?

How much is Robert brown football cards worth

How much is a Micheal Cobb football card signed worth?

i have a Michael Cobb football card signed what is it worth

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"How much are Pablo Picasso's original paintings worth?"

What is the original worth of 50 pence?

The original worth of 50 pence was ten shillings, prior to decimalisation.

George Foreman and Muhammad ali fight program worth.?

depends which version you have - if it's the original program sold at the fight in Zaire (French language) then it's worth a considerable amount. the more common closed circuit programs sold in the US aren't worth that much. post a picture and i can give better advice

How much is an original Game Boy super Mario world worth?

There are 2 Versions of Super Mario World First Edition Super Mario World (original) Super Mario World Best Seller/Player's Choice both are very common so they're not worth mutch the most you could get would be 10$

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