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Q: How much is an average size tennis court?
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How long is an average tennis court?

There is no 'average' size for a tennis court, the regulation size is 36' x 78'

How far can you spread an ounce of gold?

you can spread an ounce of gold to the size of an average tennis court

What is the average size of professional tennis courts?

The tennis courts are 23.78 meters long and 10.97 meters wide. Tennis court terrains are grass, clay, hard, carpet and indoor. There is a low net in the center of the court.

What is the size of practice tennis court?

The size of a tennis court is 27 feet wide for singles practice. The court is 36 feet wide for doubles practice.

Is it true that if you roll out your lungs they can measure to the size of a tennis court?

Yes, they can measure to the size of a tennis court.No, it is not. It is only about the size of a small hotel bathroom floor, not including the tub.

A lump of gold the size of a matchbox can be flattened to the size of what?

tennis court....

How much surface area do the alveoli collectively have?

I think it is about a size of a tennis court but don't rely on this answer unless you are desperate

What are the needs of tennis?

To play tennis, basically all you need is a racket your size, tennis balls, tennis court shoes and tennis balls. Very Simple.

How big of a sheet can pure gold the size of a matchbox be flatten in to?

About the size of a Tennis court

What size is a tennis court?

Who flipping knows and who gives LOSER

What is regulation size tennis court?

50meters '

What is the average size of a pomeranian brain?

The average size of a Pomeranian brain is about the size of a tennis ball. These brains are slightly smaller in the younger dogs.

What is the size of tennis court?

A regulation-size tennis court is a rectangle, 78 feet (23.77 m) long and, for singles matches, 27 feet (8.23 m) wide. For doubles matches, the court is 36 feet (10.97 m) wide.

Is centre court and other tennis courts are same in size?

In large tournaments, there is a center court and then there are the other tennis courts. The size of the actual courts themselves are the same, but the seating capacities of those courts can vary.

What is the regulation size of a doubles tennis court?

78' x 36'

Table tennis court size?

The size of a ping pong table is about 2 meters by 3 meters

How many times do you have to run around a tennis court to make a mile?

It depends on the size of the tennis court. Because, some tennis courts are just a small area, while some are big green grassy arenas!

Average size of a hermit crab?

There isn't a "average" size because they all come in different sizes, but some sizes are tiny, golf ball, tennis ball, and baseball ball. They can get bigger as they molt. The average size people think of is a golf ball~tennis ball.

How large is the surface area of your lungs?

In an average adult with healthy lungs we find approximately 300 million alveoli with a total surface area approaching 150 meters square, or the size of a tennis court.70m2The edzact size of a tennis court xxxTypically between 50 and 100 square meters160 meters squared.

What is the size of a tennis court including baseline area?

36' x 78'

Size of the tennis court for single and double player?

18m x 6.5m

How big is an Australian tennis court?

The rules covering the size of a regulation tennis court state the minimum and maximum sizes are: 34.75 metres by 17.07 metres and 36.6 metres by 18.3 metres

Size of a tennis court base line to base line?

23.78 metres in length.

What is special about tennis?

the size of the court changes if your playing one on one or two on two

How large is the area available for gas exchange in the alveoli?

The average human lung capacity as measured in surface area in the alveoli is about 3.000 square feet. That is about the size of a tennis court, or the floor space in two average three bedroom homes.