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1927 New York Yankees PhotoA modern day reproduction photo of the 1927 New York Yankees might be worth about $5.-$10. depending on the quality of the copy. If the photo is a licensed copyright photo it will sell for more. Either way the condition and display of the photo will dictate the value.
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Q: How much is an autographed team photo reprint of the 1927 New York Yankees worth?
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The 1978 New York Yankees picture album Stadium giveaway is worth about $10. -$20. in near Mint condition. Condition is important and any flaws will bring the value down significantly, as would loose pages, and witting.

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* Appreciation for Truman's legacy and methodology in office increases with every passing year, as does the value of his genuine signature. * As with all collectibles, determining value is a function of authenticity and condition. If genuine, the photo would be worth $75-200, depending on condition and pose. Autographed photos can range from 75 to 2000 depending on the condition and content of the photo (pose, other people, the event, etc.)

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