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A fair bit

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โˆ™ 2010-03-22 23:57:55
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Q: How much is an Adrian Peterson signed full size helmet worth?
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What is a signed Adrian Peterson mini helmet worth?

95 dollars

How much is a Adrian Peterson rookie card worth not signed?

according to the nfl website you are lucky if you own one because you could sell it for up to $12,000

How much is a Joe Montana signed helmet worth and singed football?

1 dolla!

How much is autographed helmet of the 2010 san francisco giants be worth?

It depends on who signed it.

How much is a Adrian Peterson rb 1000 yard club football card worth?

about 50 dollars if in good conditon

How much is a autograph Walter Payton signed helmet worth?

It is worth between $7000 and $9000 depending on the quality of the autograph.

How much is a not autographed Adrian Peterson football card worth?

a lot, but only if the year is 2007 a lot, but only if the year is 2007

How much is an Adrian Peterson card worth?

a 2007 rookie autographed Adrian Peterson card is worth 140-450 for right now through 2007-2008 but probaly alot more in about 3 years and even more if you keep it in mint condition and wait till he retires and if he goes to the hall of i wish i was you!

How much is a raiders mini helmet signed by Darren Mcfadden worth?

2,500$ if you go to the rite person

How much is an official 49er helmet signed by both Joe Montana and Jerry Rice worth?

about 2,500

Patriots helmet signed by Tom Brady-what is it worth?

Probably between 200 and 500 dollars depending on the buyer

How much is a 2007 Adrian Peterson sage hit The Write Stuff autograph hand numbered 4 of 25?

If its in Mint condition its worth 300.00

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