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A Rugby league try is worth 4 points.

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Q: How much is a try worth in rugby league?
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How much is a rugby try worth?

a rugby union try is worth 5 points a rugby league try is worth 4 points

How many points worth a try?

touch football is 1 , rugby league is 4 , rugby union is 5

HOW MANY points is a try worth in rugby league?

4 another 2 for conservation

When did a rugby try change from four points to five?

The points awarded for a rugby union try changed from 4 points to 5 in 1992. A rugby league try is still worth 4 points.

How much is a try worth in rugby?

a try is worth 5 points, and you have a possibility to score a conversion (worth 2 points)

What are tries in rugby league?

Tries is scoring in terms of Rugby League, A try is 4 points.

What sport do you get points for a Try?

You get points for a try in the sport of rugby league and rugby union football.

How much is a try and a conversion in rugby?

Rugby Union Try = 5 Conversion = 2 Penalty = 3 Drop Goal = 3 Rugby League Try = 4 Conversion = 2 Penalty = 2 Drop Goal = 1

How many points are awarded for a try in a rugby match?

5 points for a try in rugby union, 4 points in rugby league.

What is awarded by the BBC tv for rugby league try of the season?

rugby football

Is Rugby League better than AFL?

NRL is better than aflwhy.. in afl u kick a ballRugby LeagueU kick u takle u try and much much moreA Rugby League

What is a try a touchdown and an extra point worth in rugby?

The term TRY is used in Rugby League and Union this is when a player puts down the ball on the try. A try is worth 4 point in league and 5 points in Union. Touchdown is used in NFL, this is when a player is in the touch-down region of the field, and he can basically walk though it. Extra point is a field goal which is worth one point. This is used in all three games.

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