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it wroth 1000000 dollars

i swear


kiara off Miami Florida

three ohh five !

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:09:28
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Q: How much is a troy ainkman autographed and framed worth?
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How much is a authentic framed starter jersey autographed by Brett Favre worth?

not sure,but saw it on eBay for 10,000

How much is a framed autographed joe Montana jersey worth?

Around $400 bucks there going for depending on frame.

How much is a framed lebron James tshirt from Beijing Olympics autographed with his signature and his number 6 worth?


How much is a Warren Moon autographed NFL Football worth?

How much is a Warren Moon autographed worth on ball.

How much is a 1998 Brett favre autographed framed wheaties box worth?

The last one I've seen was at Packers Fanfest in 2008 or 2009. The dealer wanted $500 for the flattened box without the Wheaties, it was also framed.

How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. autographed hat worth?

how much is a dale Earnhardt sr, autographed hat worth

How much would a denver bronco 1998 Super Bowl team autographed football be worth?

Well, actualy a typical signed autograph wouldn't be worth much actually, also depending on weather or not it is framed etc. But since it is the 1998 broncos autographed i would estimate that it is around 780 dollars at this time. :)

How much is a Jerry Rice autographed SF 49's shirt worth now that he is in the Hall Of Fame?

A jerry rice signed shirt/jersey is worth about $300-$1000, it all depends on the condition and if it is framed or not. And if you have it framed then make sure the frame is nice. It's not worth as much if the signature is faded. Make sure the autograph has a certificate of authenticity.

How much is a autographed Cheri Blum print worth?

it is worth a £10

How much is a shirt autographed by the band Disturbed worth?

it is worth about 250,000

How much is a autographed basketball worth?

It depends on who signed it.

How much is your will clark autographed baseball worth?

About $40.

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