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A "touchdown" or "goal" is considered one point in Ultimate Frisbee. Games are commonly played up to thirteen points.

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Q: How much is a touchdown worth in ultimate Frisbee?
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What is the role of a handler in Ultimate Frisbee?

The handler in Ultimate Frisbee is responsible for throwing the frisbee to another player, called the cutter. The handler is an offensive position much like a quarterback in football.

An ultimate frisbee disk weighs how much?

175 grams

How much does an ultimate frisbee disk weigh?

175 grams

How much do ultimate Frisbee players make?

10 pounds a year

How much does an ultimate frisbee disc weigh?

A regulation game disc is 175 grams.

Is UPA the governing body for Ultimate Frisbee?

The Ultimate Player's Association (UPA) is the governing body of Ultimate (Frisbee) in the United States. Much in the same way that the United Kingdom Ultimate Association (UKUA) is the governing body for Ultimate in the UK. The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) is the international body which is recognised as the regulatory body for the whole of the world.

How much a touchdown a safety 2 field goals worth?

A total of 15 Points!

What are the rules for Ultimate Frisbee?

1. Who plays Ultimate Frisbee? 2. Why should you play the sport? 3. How do you play Ultimate Frisbee?1. Ultimate Frisbee is a global sport, but, in some countries the game is referred to as simply ultimate because the name "frisbee" is under trade mark. The groups that play Ultimate Frisbee include: junior high and high school leagues, college leagues, professional leagues, and club teams. When the players work up their skills they go to play at ultimate tournaments. However, ultimate is not only a league-type sport. Anyone can gather on a grassy field with a group of friends to play this thrilling, active, and fun-filled sport.2. You should play Ultimate Frisbee because it is a fun game. Many can pick it up fast, and quickly. This makes the game simple, and easy to learn. In addition, if you are an american football or rugby fan, you will most likely be addicted. You will enjoy the quick-paced action as each player jumps into the air to catch the flying frisbee. I enjoy it because of how much it requires teamwork. In other words, no one will always have the disc.3. The game of Ultimate Frisbee is made up of two teams. Both teams start off at opposite ends of the field. The team with the frisbee throws it off to the opposing team, and the game begins. The team in possession, passes the frisbee to its teammates trying to move from one endzone to the other. Whoever is holding the frisbee is not allowed to move and must remain stationary while they pass to a teammate. A point is made when the frisbee has been passed through the endzone and caught by the team in possession. However, while the team is making their way up the field, the other team may perform an interception, which may include: hitting the frisbee out of the air, or catching it when it is thrown to another player. Eventually the team with the most points wins the game.P.S. I did a report on this and this is my report.

How much did the first frisbee cost?

Fred Morrison invented and marketed the first Frisbee in 1938. The price of the first Frisbee was only one nickel.

How much is ultimate blue eyes worth?

I don't really know but it should be expensive

How much is ultimate spider-man number 1 worth?

Estimates around $100.

How much does a frisbee cost?

In California 2009 a Frisbee is anywhere from $1.99 to $40.00 depending on the quality.