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Q: How much is a signed ticket from Craig biggio's 3000th hit worth?
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What was craig biggios at bat song?

As a long time fan of the musical group U2, Craig Biggio would often play their song " Mysterious Ways" when he was at Bat.

What is Craig biggios fan mail address?

Craig Biggio is a professional baseball player. As of September 2014, he does not yet have an official fan mail address.

When was Signed Sealed Delivered - Craig David album - created?

Signed Sealed Delivered - Craig David album - was created on 2010-03-29.

Liverpool signed Craig Bellamy from which club?

Blackburn rovers

Who does Daniel Craig play in tin tin?

Daniel Craig will be signed up to play the role of the evil pirate red rackham

When did Craig Biggio get his 3000th hit?

June 28, 2007 On June 28, 2007, Craig Biggio became the first player to collect five hits in the same game in which he reached the 3,000-hit mark. Biggio lined a single in the seventh inning to reach the magical plateau.

What actors and actresses appeared in Ticket or Leave It - 1935?

The cast of Ticket or Leave It - 1935 includes: Luis Alberni Edith Craig Ruth Etting Lloyd Hughes Doris McMahon Jack Rice

Is Daniel Craig doing another Bond film?

yes, he has signed up for another 4 movies (after quantum of solace)

How much would a hat signed by Roger Craig be worth?

a baseball cap- $40-$50

Did Craig Biggio sign his full name for kids?

Craig Biggio might have signed his full name at times but, I can't say he did this exclusively for Kids, and all the time. I could tell you they are rare and will sell for a higher price than a common Craig Biggio signature. A Craig Biggio single signed baseball is worth about $75.-$100. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. A Craig Alan Biggio single signed baseball could come close to doubling that value. I have not seen one sell at auction.

What is the value of a baseball signed by Craig Biggio?

Anywhere from $20-300. Depending on where you are looking to sell, Ebay's prices differ greatly.

What is the value of a golf ball signed by Craig Stadler?

Is there any form of authentication? If so that will greatly increase the value. Try eBay or a sports memoribilia auction.