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Q: How much is a signed by the artist and Drew Brees and numbered domino effect poster worth?
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Harrel gray new Orleans poster 1987 is this rare or valuable. numbered-yes?

is it signed by Eddie harrel gray? what is it a "poster" of?

Who is the artist of Golfer and Lady with Umbrella?

The poster shops do not mention the artist, which means this is not museum art.

Are all posters for a movie numbered the same I have a 1954 poster numbered R54 204 Does it have any value?

I have an R54 204 (GWTW) and It was valued at 249.99.

How much is the 2000 jazz festival poster worth it is not signed but it is numbered and never taken out of the shipping container it has the jazz festival stamp on the container?

If it is the numbered of 10,000 poster - approximately $250-300. I don't believe that the stamp on the container provides any value.

Who is atlas shrugged poster artist?

Movie posters: Scott DeSapio

What is different about a lenticular poster?

A lenticular poster is usually a poster with some kind of special effect. It can be a 3D poster used in movie promotions. The hidden picture poster phenomenon in the 1990s was a form of a lenticular poster.

Who was the artist for Bat Boy the musical 1997 poster?

I have an original Bat Boy the musical poster that is autographed for sale on ebay if you are interested.

Who is the artist of loose lip might sink ships poster?

Captain Napjack

Did an artist called Pear copy 'Cherry Ripe' painting?

No, the artist who painted cherry ripe also painted bubbles which was a pears poster

Does the Lord Kitchener poster have copyright?

The original Lord Kitchener poster is in the public domain; copyright protection expired 70 years after the death of the artist, that is 2003.

What was Shepherd Fairey's job?

Shepard Fairey has had many jobs over the years, but he became known for his work as a graphic designer, street artist, and poster artist.

What is the poster or artist hanging between the windows in Toby Ziegler's office in the 1st season of West Wing?

I don't know, but in the scene where Mandy asks Toby about pandas there is a clear shot of it. The artist's name appears to be at the bottom of the poster and looks something like 'Grianoska'. I hope someone else can help, as I would love to locate and buy a copy of this poster!