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1984 to 1987 red sox Baseball

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Q: How much is a signed ball of 1986 red sox team worth?
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How much is a signed Liverpool world cup soccer ball worth?

depends who signed it

How much is a Mickey Mantle signed ball worth?


How much is a fully signed arsenal ball worth?


How much is a signed soccer ball worth by the New York Cosmos?

if signed by all players then 150 -200 dollars

How much money is a Casey Blake signed ball worth?


How much is 2004 signed Red Sox ball?

its worth about 16000$

How much is a Kevin youkilis signed ball worth?

10 dollars

How much would a ball signed by Gary Matthews be worth?

From 800 to 1000

How much is a 1986 red socks poster signed by roger clemens worth?


How much is a 1989 76ers team signed basketball worth?

Most of the basketballs are going to be worth around $125 to $150 each. The exact price will depend upon the condition of the ball and who all signed the ball.

How much is a signed rich harden baseball worth?

How much a signed Rich Harden baseball is worth depends on the condition of the ball. Its value is generally between 35 and 155 US dollars.

How much is a fully signed Wigan Warriors ball worth?

1 MILLION dollars!

How much is a Michael Jordan Comeback signed ball worth from 2001?

About 500 bucks

How much is a Cole Hamels signed ball and card worth?

Between $150-$180

How much is a 1944 New York Yankees signed baseball worth?

It would depend on who signed it and how clean/clear there signature is on the ball ...

How much is a baseball autographed by Grover Cleveland Alexander worth or where can one find out?

Authenticity and condition are the key factors in determining value of any signed item. Alexander's genuine signature on a baseball is difficult to find, and as such, your ball could be worth as much as $2500 depending on these and other variables, such as type of ball, additional signatures on the ball, date signed, and possibly - the provenance, meaning the detailed history of this signed ball: who, what, when, where, etc.

How much is a team signed 1994 US World Cup Soccer ball worth?


How much is a soccer ball signed by the Australian 1985 soccer national team worth?


How much is a Fergie Jenkins signed ball with his Wins and Losses written on it by him worth?

Around $50.00

How much is a baseball signed by Alex Gordon worth?

A baseball signed by Alex Gordon is worth a price ranging from $15 to $60. The exact price will depend upon the condition of the ball.

How much is a Harlem Rockets signed ball worth?

It depends on how many of the players signed the ball. A typical autographed basketball, Men's full size, would run around $50-$250.

How much is a Penrith panthers signed football?

dependant on the year the older the ball and the signatures the higher the worth a 2009 signed ball may only be worth $40 my email is if you want to sell the ball send me some pics and I will send you a price I am willing to pay thanks

How much is a signed in 1991 1986 Don Russ Barry Larkin Rookie Card?

Its about worth one million

What is the value of a 1969 NY Mets signed ball?

it all depends on what kind of shape it is in that decides how much it is worth

How much is a ken griffey Jr signed baseball worth?

around $500$ but my dad says how much the ball costs plus $10$