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As much as someone is willing to pay for it.

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Q: How much is a signed Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers jersey worth?
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When did Wayne Gretzky get signed by the Edmonton Oilers?

November 2, 1978 - Wayne Gretzky was traded by the Indianapolis Racers, along with Eddie Mio and Peter Driscoll, to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for $700,000 and future considerations.

What is the value of a new vintage Wayne Gretzky Oilers jersey and a new 2006 Team Canada jersey signed in Turino by Gretzky Richards Smyth and Turco?

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What was the first hockey team Wayne Gretzky played on?

In 1978, he signed with the Indianapolis Racers of the World Hockey Association (WHA), where he briefly played before being traded to the Edmonton Oilers

What year was Wayne Gretzky drafted to the NHL?

Wayne Gretzky was never drafted into the NHL. In 1978 he was signed to the Indianapiolas Racers of the WHA (World Hockey Assosication). He was soon after traded to the Edmonton Oilers, which were then also part of the WHA. In 1979, the WHA folded and the Oilers transferred to the NHL. Most players were sent into the entry draft, but due to a specialty in his contract, Gretzky enjoyed the luxury of staying with the Oilers. Gretzky was also never drafted into the WHA. The NHL regulations say no team can sign a player under 20 years old. The WHA allowed this, so Gretzky just signed with the Racers instead of being drafted.

What is a pennant signed by Wayne Gretzky and the oilers worth?

probably at the most 500 dollars

What is a Wayne Gretzky signed Phoenix Coyotes jersey worth?

Has to be at least $1,500

My wife has a jersey from a promo that Wayne Gretzky did from a candy bar any idea on value?

is it signed

What is the value of a LA Kings hocky helmet signed by Wayne Gretzky?

I Don't know but I have a coca cola patch Wayne Gretzky jersey signed pardon the spelling maybe would you know how much that would be worth?

What is the value of a signed Wayne Gretzky team Canada jersey?

Assuming the signature is Real... between $400 to $500 USD.

What team did Wayne Gretzky start playing for?

Wayne Gretzky started playing major junior hockey for thePeterborough Petes in the 1976-77 season in the OMHL (Now OHL) and the Sault Ste. Marie Grehounds in the 1977-78 season. He then singed a 7 year contract worth $1.75 million US with the Indianapolis Racers of the WHA when he was 17 the next season. The Racers where a struggling franchise always losing money, so he was traded to the Edmonton Oilers. The Season of 1979-80, the Edmonton Oilers where expanded into the NHL along with teams like the Winnipeg Jets and the Quebec Nordiques.At the End of the 1987-88 season, the Oilers traded Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings were he would play for 7.5 seasons, before being traded off to the St. Louis Blues during the 1995-96 season. At the end of that season he signed with the New York Rangers where he retired 3 years later after the 1998-99 season.

What is the value of a team signed 1984 Championship Edmonton Oilers hockey stick?

If the stick is in good condition with no fading of signatures it is probably worth anywhere from 300 dollars up to 1000 dollars depending on how the condition of the key autographs are (Gretzky, Messier, Coffey and Kurri etc...) Is it a players stick? Or a regular stick? If you still have this stick email me

What is Taylor Hall famous for?

Taylor Hall is famous for playing Ice Hockey for Canada. He is a left winger in NHL team playing for Edmonton Oilers. Taylor Hall is usually used to captain the team when the need arises. He first signed with Edmonton Oiler in 2010 as a professional player.

What was Wayne Gretzky drafted in the NHL?

Wayne Gretzgy was never drafted. He was originally signed by the Indianapolis Racers of the WHA in 1978. The Racers sold his contract to the Oilers because of financial problems. The WHA merged with the NHL in 1979.

What is the value of a signed Wayne Gretzky rookie card?

Gretzky has only ever signed one rookie card of his....and he kept it. $4.00 US

What is the value of an Oilers Earl Campbell signed game worn jersey?

It would depend on some factors - What year is the jersey? What condition is it in? What documentation / provenance do you have? I have seen his game worn jerseys sell anywhere from $1,500-$4,000 depending on the above factors.

What year was Wayne Gretzhy drafted?

He was never drafted. On June 12th, 1978 we was signed as a free agent with the Indianapolis Racers from the WHA. Was traded on November 2nd, 1978 by the Indianapolis Racers, along with Eddie Mio and Peter Driscoll, to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for $700,000 and future considerations.

What is a Jaroslav Pouzar game stick signed by Gretzky and his teammates from 1983 Oilers worth in Czechoslovakia?

It's difficult to estimate because there are just so many variables involved. I would take a guess somewhere between $100 and $200. If the signatures are faded in any way the value goes way down.

What is the value of a hockey puck signed by Wayne Gretzky in 1998?

1600 dollars about.

How much would a McDonalds tray signed by Wayne Gretzky be worth?


What is the value of a signed Barry Bonds jersey?

The value of the Barry Bonds signed jersey depends on the jersey and its condition. Jerseys in excellent condition that are signed and framed sell for close to 1000 dollars as of 2014.

How do you get a sports jersey authenticated?

Have it signed by the player on the jersey

How long did Wayne Gretzky play for the blues?

Gretzky was traded to St. Louis from Los Angeles on February 27, 1996. He played 18 regular season and 13 playoff games for the Blues. Gretzky then signed with the New York Rangers in July 1996.

How much is a hand signed Eli Manning jersey worth?

A hand signed Eli manning jersey costs about 365.00 dollars.

What is the value of a signed Wayne Gretzky card from the Signs of Greatness series?

Anywhere from $75-$400

How much is a hockey card worth?

Usually 1 dollar, but if it's a numbered card it can be worth 100,000,'s or more For example, if you get a rookie signed jersey of Wayne Gretzky numbered 1 out of 1 it's worth about 100,000,000,000, dollars witch is hard and impossible to get.