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Q: How much is a shotr inside the 3 point line worth in basketball?
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How many points is it worth to shoot a basket inside the 3-point line in basketball?

it would be 3 points

I just dont get it. What the heck is a goal in basketball?

There are no "goals" in basketball. You score by making a two-pointer (inside the three-point line), a three-pointer outside of the three point line), or a free throw which is worth one point( you get those if you get fouled inside the paint).

How many points is a jump shot worth in basketball?

If its shot behind the three point line three inside the three point line is two.

Do you have to land inside the three point for it to count?

If you are talking about basketball, then no. A basket is worth three points if shot from behind the 3-point line, regardless of where the player lands.

How much is a freethrow worth in basketball?

One point.

How does basketball scoring work?

Any shot made inside of the three point line is worth two points. If it is anywhere outside of the three point line it is worth three. If there is a foul or technical given and a free thrown is taken the shot is worth one point.

How many points is a inside the arch worth in basketball?


What goal is worth two points in basketball?

A field goal, or any shot that is made from inside the three point line and not a free throw.

What shot in basketball in worth 1 point?

A free-throw

What is the name of the basketball shot worth one point?


A throw that is worth 1 point in basketball is?

A free throw.

How many points when you score a basketball point?

A regular shot in basketball is 2 points, a shot that is thrown from past the 3-point line is worth 3 points, and a foul shot is worth one point.

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