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4.89 USD

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Q: How much is a set of score 1990 collector set baseball cards unopen still has cellohane wrapper on the box?
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Can an unopen soup can cause a fire beside a gas stove?

No, it cannot.

How much is an opened Elvis 8 track worth?

Possibly between $10 and $15 at the outside. 8 track tapes are no longer manufactured, and the excellent condition 8 track players are far and few between. You might also ask a collector.

What is the price for Crimson Tide paul Bear Bryant coke bottle?

Opened bottle cost $10-15, unopen bottle cost $29-97 if damaged or not, a 6 pack opened would cost about $90, unopen 6 pack will cost $587-590, unopen 6 pack with 6 pack case will cost about $1200 or $1250 (if not damaged). Case is verry rare.....

How long can you keep an unopen bottle of kahlua?

It should last indefinitely if stored in a cool dark place.

What is the legal age to drink alcohal?

you can be 18 to serve unopen containers but you have to be 21 to serve open containers

Can unopen refridgerated milk spoil?

Yes, it can, as long as its past date. I had milk in a bottle. it sat there and it soon got green.

Can you carry on fruit?

I dont believe so. Usually your food has to be consiled and unopen. I guess it depends on how far you fly and how strict the airport can be.

Is a vintage Barbie doll in unopen box where the box has a printing error worth more than a correctly printed box?

That is a negative.

Can candy canes go bad?

if the package is unopen and it has not been touched yet but if it has been licked on then no it isn't good.

Does cream cheese expire seven days after you open?

if its left a room temp un covered yes if its sealed in a fridge its o.k. if its left unopen then im not sure

Will unopen soft drinks mold or spoil?

Carbonated beverages will go flat overnight if uncovered. Bottles with a cap last longer, but will also loose some of their umf.

How long will a unopen prepackaged fullycooked hormel pit ham last in the freezer?

6-12 months. Any longer than that will still be edible but the taste will be impaired.