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The year and condition can alter the value of the cards greatly. They usually go for over a hundred dollars a set.

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Q: How much is a set of Topps Black Gold baseball cards worth abcd set?
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Which box set baseball cards are worth the most?

topps Tiffany

1987 topps baseball cards?

you could find them in a $4.00 box of 75 baseball cards at walgreens. There worth about a nickel.

What are 1986 topps baseball cards worth?

1986 Topps baseball cardThe 1986 Topps baseball card set consists of 792 baseball cards. A complete set has a book value of about $25.00 in near mint condition. A sealed factory set has a value of about $65.00

What is the value of a complete set of 1992 topps baseball cards?

The compleate set is worth $10.00

How much are topps baseball stamps worth?

1961 Topps baseball cards StampsThe 1961 Topps baseball cards Stamps insert set consist of 207 stamps that measure 1 3/8" x 1 3/16". The Stamps were inserted into wax packs of 1961 Topps baseball cards in panels of two. A complete set is worth about $700.00 in near mint condition, and $250.00 - $350.00 in nvery good - excellent condition.

What is the value of a complete set of 1977 Topps baseball cards?

The 1977 Topps baseball card set book value in Mint condition would be $190. Single cards are worth about .20 cents for the average players.

Are topps 1966 baseball cards worth anything?

Depends on the card. Some good players will be worth a lot, others won't.

How much are unopened 36 pack boxes of 1991 topps baseball cards worth?

it is worth probably likee 5 cent'ss

How much are WWE topps cards worth?


What is a 1997 topps basball cards worth?

not that much

How much is the set of 1986 topps baseball cards worth?

1986 Topps baseball cardsA complete set of 1986 Topps baseball cards consist of 792 cards, and has a book value of $30.00 in Near/Mint-Mint condition. Key cards in the set include: Card 100 - Nolan Ryan, card 340 Cal Ripken Jr., and 661 - Roger Clemens.See Related Links below for a complete 1986 Topps baseball card checklist.

Value of a complete set of 1991 topps micro baseball cards?

The set of baseball cards are worth a price ranging from $5 to $10. The price may vary depending upon the condition of the cards.

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