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At least a couple hundred bucks.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-20 12:09:37
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Q: How much is a set of 1992 Dream Team USA basketball collector cards worth?
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How Much is a unopened full case of McDonald's First Dream Team Basketball Card worth?

1500 cards worth $10 per card = $15,000

Is any of Elvis collector cards worth anything?

why is it worthy

What is the 1992 autographed Olympic Dream team basketball worth?

I've got a basketball signed by the entire dream team. current view is worth about $5,000.

How much are Kiss collector cards worth?

Around $10-$50

What troy bell basketball cards are worth?

I would like to find out what Troy Bell basketball cards are worth. #3 Grizzlies for memphis. Card number 229/499

Is there any marvel cards that is worth a lot of money?

No, Marvel cards are not really worth a lot of money. However, many baseball and basketball cards are worth big bucks.

You have over 1000 basketball cards how can you find out how much the entire collection is worth?

Ask your local card shop owner to take a look and he will give you an estimate of how much your basketball cards are worth

What Michael Jordan 5 metal collector cards are worth 1500 each?


What basketball cards are worth over a 1000 dollars?

Allen iverson

How much is 392 basketball cards worth?

it depends on the player that is on the card.

Which cards are worth more baseball or basketball?

4 the most part baseball...

You have old baseball football and basketball cards how much are they worth?

It depends on the card condition and the player. Some cards are worth a penny while others are worth thousands and even millions.

How much is a set of the 1996 USA olympic Gold basketball dream team cards worth today?

1 million cartillion 500 billin 2 gazillionand 3s thousnad millions!

What is plaque with cards and team picture of 1992 basketball dream team worth?

i think i have the same plaque.. if there was only 10,000 of them made it if the same once i have and i also would like to know how to figure out the value of this item. the cards look kind of cartoonish?!

Hey i have some basketball cards i want to know what they are worth could anyone help me?

well, it depends on who the cards are of and the year.

What is a Larry Bird 1980 Rookie of the Year basketball cards worth?

I got $400

How much is a complete set or upper deck basketball cards worth?

Around $13.00.

How much is a Cooperstown Collection nolan Ryan embossed metal collector cards worth?

I saw it for 9.99 on ebay

How much are basketball cards worth from 1990 Chicago Bulls?

from $1 - 5 depending on the player.

Value of McDonald Limited Edition 1993 game day game cards worth?

how much is word 13 cards of McDonald Limited Edition 1993 GameDay Collector Cards Thank You Geoege

How much is the dream team cards worth?

Larry bird, micheal Jordan ,magic Johnson

How much is Maurice Cheeks basketball card 615 worth?

I have about ten to fifteen basketball cards about twenty till twenty five years old.

Are the Robin Hood collector cards worth anything?

It does not appear so. There are a couple auctions on eBay for misc. cards from the set. There are no bids and the most inexpensive auction is approx $5.

What are Tops Brand 1977 Star Trek Collector cards worth?

A complete series set is worth between $40 - $55 depending on condition (Fair - Mint).

How do you find how much a basketball card is worth?

The link below has a great Jordan cards price guide.