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It's worth crap! Payton Manning sucks and he's way over rated!

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Q: How much is a rookie press pass 1998 Peyton Manning card?
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Did William perry sack Peyton Manning?

No ... Perry retired after the 1994 season and Manning's rookie season was 1998.

What was the Colts record when Peyton Manning was a rookie?

The Indianapolis Colts won three games and lost thirteen games during Peyton Manning's first season (1998).

Who holds the record for the most pass completions for his rookie year?

Peyton Manning of the 1998 Indianapolis Colts with 326.

Where can you find a Peyton Manning rookie football card?

1998 Topps, 1998 Stadium Club, 1998 Score, and 1998 Upper Deck football packs

When did Peyton Manning go pro?

Peyton Manning was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 1998.

How much did Peyton Manning get paid as a rookie?

Manning signed a 6 year, $48 million contract with an $11.6 million signing bonus with the Colts after being drafted in 1998.

When did Peyton manning get draftded?

Peyton Manning got drafted by the Indianapolis Colts #1 overall in the 1998 NFL Draft

Most interceptions thrown in one season by Peyton Manning?

he threw 28 interceptions as a rookie with 26 touchdowns

When was Peyton Manning's first season in the NFL?


What pick was Peyton Manning in the 1997 NFL draft?

Peyton Manning was selected in the 1998 NFL draft and was the 1st overall pick.

How many touchdowns did Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison have?

114. All of Marvin Harrison's TD's from 1998 onwards are from Peyton Manning.

What year did Peyton Manning first play in the NFL?