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depends which rookie card you have (there are over 200 dallas clark 2003 rookie cards and variants).

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Q: How much is a rookie Dallas Clark football card worth?
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How much is a Dallas Clark signed football worth?

344 or 391 if it is a duke football

What is the value of a Tony Romo rookie card?

I would say he is worth $50 dollars because he is on a nfl football team the dallas cowboys he is maybe worth more than that that is just my guess

What is the value of a Champ Bailey Rookie football card?

champ baileys rookie football card should be worth ten million dollars

What is a football signed by Daryl Johnston Dallas Cowboy worth or how do you find out value and where do you go to sale the football?

a football signed by Daryl Johnston Dallas Cowboy is worthninety dollars

How much is a 1994-95 heath shuler Washington rookie football card worth?


How much is a Ty law rookie football card worth?

A 1995 Ty Law Nee England Patriots rookie card is worth about $1. Of course, valued for card collectible a can vary depending on condition.

What is ricky waters rookie card worth?

What is a Rob Blake rookie card worth

What is the value of Archie Clark 1968-69 card?

A 1969 Archie Clark Topps Basketball Card, which is his rookie card, is worth anywhere from $2 to $7.50. the final price depends on the condition of the card.

Which franchise is worth more the Dallas Cowboys or the Washington Redskins?

The Dallas Cowboys are the highest valued American football franchise, valued at approximately $1.6 billion.

How much does elgin Baylor rookie basketball card worth?

elgin baylor rookie card worth?

What is a topps santonio Holmes rookie card worth?

how much is a santonio topps rookie card worth

How much is a david Robinson fleer rookie card worth?

It is worth about $13, if it were a rookie sensations card it would be worth about $250.

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