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Any luck? I have a roll too plus a huge collection I just inherited.

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JD Shierling

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Q: How much is a roll of toilet paper that states Dale Earnhardt Sr. don't take sh off anyone worth?
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Did they have toilet paper in1880?

Toilet paper, as we know it today, was invented by Joseph Gayetty, in 1857. Seth Wheeler obtained the earliest patent for toilet paper in 1883. Commercially produced toilet paper in 1880 was limited to the United States and parts of Europe.

Is anyone thinking about toilet paper?

Yes because everyone is noobs. :D

Who were first to successfully market toilet paper?

Joseph Gayetty is widely credited with being the inventor of modern commercially available toilet paper in the United States.

Is all recycled toilet paper made from used toilet paper?

Recycled toilet paper is made from used paper. It isn't made from used toilet paper. That would be gross.

Does anyone else find the Charmin toilet paper bear weird. Like in a pedobear way. It can not just be me. Anybody?

The Charmin toilet paper bear family can be a bit weird. Since bears do not use toilets or toilet paper. The thought of using a cartoon to represent human behavior is weird.

Why do middleasteners not use toilet paper?

They do. And bidets. And take other hygienic measures that anyone else would do.

What makes toilet paper stronger?

The fact that it is paper for a toilet

Is toilet paper a solid?

yes toilet paper is a solid.

Is it true the thicker the toilet paper the better chance you will have clogging your toilet?

No thick toilet paper is not responsible for clogging the toilet, Toilet paper of any thickness is designed to flush away.

Texas law on toilet paper house?

The Texas law on toilet paper house states that it is illegal to tape someone's house. This is a class B offence and you will be charged with trespassing and criminal mischief.

How is a toilet paper dispenser a wheel an axle?

Because the toilet paper is the wheel and the line that holds the toilet paper up is the axle so that makes a toilet paper dispenser a wheel and axle!!:)

How soft is bounty toilet paper?

As soft as Mcdonalds toilet paper