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No such bill exists. Prices vary, as does income and staple foods. What someone pays in France per month would be very different to what someone in Mali pays.

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Q: How much is a normal grocery store bill per month?
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How big is the the Duggar's grocery bill?

$2,000- a month!

What is the average monthly electric bill in Milwaukee?

The average electric bill in Milwaukee is 113 dollars a month. The average grocery bill is 200 dollars a week.

What is the average grocery bill for a family of nine?

This depends what kind of groceries they buy and from what store.

Which grocery stores accept utility bill payments in the Detroit area?

You will need to look into each individual grocery store to find this information. Many say they accept payments, but you will not know for sure until getting to the store.

Use the word bogus in a sentence?

I found a bogus ten dollar bill in front of the grocery store today.

How can you lower your grocery bill?

the best and easiest way to lower your grocery bills is to buy the generic or the store brand of products rather than buying the brand name products anemes.

Lower Your Grocery Bill With Printable Coupons?

When you go grocery shopping without coupons, you are loosing out on discounts that can take your grocery bill from the standard amount to almost nothing. The right coupons can save you hundreds of dollars a month on groceries, as long as you know where to look. Spend some time online before you go to the grocery store looking for printable coupons for groceries from local stores, brand websites, and coupon collection sites. There are usually a wide variety of options available for just about any purchase you can think of, so stock up before you shop.

How much can you save using food coupons online?

Before coupons, our monthly grocery bill is about $500/month. We personally save around $100/month by clipping and printing coupons from online.

Where can I find out more about free grocery store coupons?

Coupons can help you save a lot of money on your grocery bill. You can find free coupons at sites such as,, and

Where did bill gates receive funding to create Microsoft?

He used to help his father at a Grocery Store, and he had enough money to start the incredible company.

What is the Australian Average family grocery bill?

The average Australian family grocery bill is anywhere from $150 to $400.

How to Cut Your Estimated Grocery Bill?

If you are spending too much at the grocery store, keep reading for some innovative ways to reduce your grocery bill using coupons.Coupons Are CoolThe Sunday edition of your local newspaper has tons of manufacturer and store coupons you can use to cut you bill. Try to buy when things are cheap and stock up. Some coupons can even be combined. Join online coupon trading groups to get even more coupons! Plus you can take advantage of social buying web sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, SocialBuy and BuyWithMe.