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$1000 or so depending on the occasion and also how personal the memorabilia is.

If there is an entire cricket team Autographs like the icons- Sachin tendulkar, Rahul dravid, Saurav ganguly, Youraj singh, VVS laxman in one memorabilia the value is even more which could run into thousands of dollars.

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Q: How much is a memorabilia autographed by sachin tendulkar worth?
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What is the net worth of sachin tendulkar?

sachin tendulkar's net worth is around 1.7 billion dollars

Sachin tendulkar's net worth?

$27.4 million

How much is sachin tendulkar's cricket bat worth?

As Sachin Tendulkar is a famous cricketer and has scored the most centuries 41 of them, then the bat will be worth a lot in the market.

How much is sacchin tendulker worth?

sachin tendulkar is a icon player.

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How much is a Nellie Fox autographed baseball worth?

Like anything else, it is worth what you can get for it. But a collector of baseball memorabilia might make you a nice offer - Nellie Fox was a great infielder of yesteryear.

Sachin net worth?

I believe it will be about $10,000 ( if not more)I do not think that sachin will ever be sold because of it's popularity. There are several popular personalities like Tendulkar, Berman and others.- Review by Admin of (submit articles site)

How much is an autographed jersey worth signed by Lance Parrish?

Depending on the quality of the memorabilia, a typical Lance Parrish autographed jersey would be priced in the range of 300-500 dollars apiece. A mint condition signed jersey would fetch an estimated 505 USD.

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With NO autograph, and in mint condition without a single flaw, that card is worth 50 cents. Autographed, it's worth about $10. If you tried to sell it on eBay with no certificate of authenticity, you'd be lucky to get half of that. Source: Huge memorabilia and card collector

What is worth more a game used autographed baseball or a un game used autographed ball?

A game used autographed baseball.

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