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Q: How much is a humphreys and Scott bat worth?
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How much would a Bobby Bonds Adirondack bat be worth?

How much a Bobby Bonds Adirondack bat is worth depends on its condition. Such a bat in good condition is worth about 40 US dollars.

How much is a bat worth from Michael bertram?

How much did the bat cost? Stupid question.

How much is a graig nettles bat worth?


How much is a graig nettles autographed bat worth?


How much is a bobby hill signed baseball bat worth?


How much is a fully signed ashes 2009 cricket bat worth?

Its priceless. I mean no one can Determine the price of that bat.

How much is babe ruths bat?

worth more than my balls

How much is a Louisville Slugger bat worth used by Johnny Estrada?


How much is a Michael Jordan ball and bat made by Wilson worth?


How much is your Bill Russell who played for the Dodgers autographed bat worth?


How much is a h and b no60 joe DiMaggio bat worth?

An H and B No. 60 Joe Dimaggio bat can be worth hundreds of dollars or more. Depending on the condition, this bat can go for upwards of $700 and even more.

How much is a 1925 baseball bat worth?

Not much unless a milestone/homerun was hit with it by a MLB player.