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60 for the deck alone, trucks are 30, wheels are about 25, bearing are 20, griptape is 5.

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Q: How much is a good skateboard?
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H ow much hours should a average boy skateboard to get good?

Well learning how to skateboard is not measured in how many hours you skateboard.

How much did a skateboard cost in 2014?

how much is a skateboard in 2014

Can a 300 lb person skateboard?

Yes anyone can skateboard it doesn't matter how much you weigh, i weigh 300Ibs and I'm a good skater

How much money is a skateboard from Walmart?

Do not buy a skateboard from Walmart. They are very poor quaility, and if you are good at skating the board will break the first day you use it.

How much does a good skateboard cost?

$75-$125 depending on what type of brand it is

How much does a beginners skateboard cost?

depending of hum much you are willing to pay but a good you can find for 100

Do you have to have a good skateboard to ollie?

If you are a good skateboarder, no. But you should probably practice on a good skateboard

What type of style skateboard is good for tricks?

The original type of skateboard is much better than the other! It is very hard to do tricks on longboards and on plastic cruisers

How do you learn to skateboard?

Get a skateboard, forget fear, do it... That's it... Good Luck...

What is a manual on a skateboard?

It is pretty much a wheely on a skateboard but with 2 wheels.

Why is it good if a skateboard has good pop?

the better the pop on a skateboard deck, the higher you will go when you ollie, kickflip or do any flip trick :)

What is a good place buy a skateboard?

West 49 is a good place to buy a skateboard. Or any brand name store you like. :)

How can you get sponsord on skateboard?

get good

What can go faster ripstick or skateboard?

The skateboard goes faster if the skateboards wheels are good and fast than the skateboard will go faster than a ripstick.

Where do you by an electric skateboard?

You cant buy an electric skateboard, but you can buy an electric scooter. If you want an electric skateboard your going to have to make it yourself. Good luck!

Is a shaun white skateboard good?

yes a shaun white skateboard is good. tough grip, trucks, wheels. and deck. nothing is wrong with it

What is a good starter skateboard for a 7 year old girl?

Just use a regular skateboard.

How much is a banana board skateboard?

It depends on how good it is. I looked at prices online and saw that it sold from any were from $80 to 200$.

Do you need education to skateboard?

no you do not really need to be educated to ride a skateboard. all you really need to know about the skateboard is how to ride it and do tricks and have good enough balance

Is a proskate urban beach skateboard good?

they are OK for just riding but if you want to pull any tricks get a good skateboard like blind or venom

Grand Theft Auto iv can you get a skateboard?

No, sorry. But there are mods that change the faggio into a skateboard, but it's not that good.

Is the Deathwish skateboard a really good board?

Deathwish skateboard decks are among the better brands of decks available today.

Is amnesia a good skateboard company?

No, it is not.

Is Hectic a good skateboard brand?


Is zero a good skateboard?


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