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The Gary Payton Lakers swingman jersey is worth between 25 and 40 United States Dollars.

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Q: How much is a gary payton lakers swingman jersey worth?
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How much is a gary payton lakers jersey worth?

The Gary Payton Lakers jersey is worth between $25 and $40.

How much are the New Jersey Nets worth?

not much compared to the lakers

How much is a Walter Payton jersey worth?

$20.00------$40.00 ching$$ ching$$

What is the Value of an autographed Walter Payton blue football Jersey?

i am not exactly sure, but i would say but on eBay for bidding. it could be worth alot of moneyssssss $$$

How much is an authentic Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey worn by him in the NBA finals worth?

game worn jerseys from "normal" players are anywhere from 500-1000. game worn Jordan would probably push 1500-2000, and game worn finals jersey? most likely double that.. you're lookin at about in the area of 5 grand

What is value of signed Walter Payton jersey with certificate of authenticity?

A signed Walter Payton jersey together with the Certificate of Authenticity can be worth over $4,000. The value is based on what a buyer would actually pay for the item and can vary due to market circumstances.

How much is a autograph Walter Payton signed helmet worth?

It is worth between $7000 and $9000 depending on the quality of the autograph.

How much is a 2005 Steve Nash jersey card worth?

His jersey cards worth 275.67.

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An Alex Rodriguez jersey is worth about $500- $700.

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How much is Jersey Joe Walcot authograph worth

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What is the la lakers franchise worth?

their franchise is worth between 25 million and 40 million. but it could be 90 million.