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"Value" or "worth" are very subjective things when it comes to collectibles.

In my opinion, any collectible is worth whatever a willing seller and a willing buyer can agree on. And of course, it's worth will be affected by its condition, age, its rarity (are there similar items around, and if so, how many and how expensive are they?), how desirable is it, and how badly does someone else really want it, can Autographs be verified, etc. Since I'm not able to see the item, I really couldn't put a value on it, even if I were an expert in such things.

If you want to establish a value in order to sell it, you should probably consult a local Sports Memorabilia dealer (a local Baseball card shop owner may be able to refer you), or better yet, a sports memorabilia appraiser. The American Society of Appraisers has a website where you can get a list of appraisers in your area who specialize in sports memorabilia:

If you need an immediate estimate, check out similar listings on eBay. If you are a Cowboy fan and collect for the shear joy of ownership, then it really shouldn't matter what the item is worth.


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Q: How much is a football with Roger Staubach signature worth?
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