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Not much after this past year.

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Q: How much is a braylon Edwards jersey signed worth?
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How much is a football signed by Braylon Edwards and Anthony Carter worth?

50 bucks

Is braylon Edwards maried?

No he is not married. He is a wide receiver,# 17, for the Cleveland Browns and his contract worth was about 40 million for 5 years?

How much is a Rodriguez signed jersey worth?

An Alex Rodriguez jersey is worth about $500- $700.

How much is a signed antonio pierce jersey worth?


How much is a Steve McNair signed jersey worth?


How much is a signed george reed jersey worth?


How much is a Alejandro Moreno signed soccer jersey worth?


How much is a warren moon signed jersey worth?

About $800 CAD

How much is an authentic Bulls jersey signed by Michael Jordan worth?

if its a crayon signiture it will be worth $500,000

What is an authentic signed rookie year jersey for Daniel Sedin worth?


What is a Wayne Gretzky signed Phoenix Coyotes jersey worth?

Has to be at least $1,500

How much would a signed New England Patriots shirt be worth?

It depends on the shirt (t-shirt, replica jersey, authentic jersey, etc.), it's condition and who signed it.