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you mean a Baseball stadium? like a major league stadium or just a ball field with no stands or anything like a little league field? if a major league stadium, if you build it anything like the new Yankees stadium, around a billion dollars, lol

if just a regular little league type field, probably a couple hundred dollars, depends if you do it yourself or if you hire people to do it

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Q: How much is a baseball field?
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How much dirt would you need for a baseball field?

None. Just build the baseball field where the dirt is already there.

How much does a baseball field cost?

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars

What is a baseball field?

A baseball field is a playing field upon which baseball is played.

How much does it cost to turf and infield on a baseball field?

Approx $200,000

How much land do you need to build a baseball field?

130 million

How far is the average baseball field?

the average baseball field is about 535ft is how far the baseball field.

How much does a baseball field manager make?

1.1million dollars ya dad!!

How much did the chase baseball field cost to build?

elenty billion dollars

Why is a baseball field hot after a baseball game?

Sun shining on the field.

What field did they play baseball in the movie twilight?

A baseball field Which one?

How many baseball players on the field?

a baseball field has exactly 15 players!

Square footage of a baseball field?

The square footage of a baseball field is 4,569ft2

Is baseball field a proper noun?

No, baseball field is a common noun. Wrigley Field is a proper noun because it is the name of a specific field.

How much would it cost to build a college baseball field?

around 6 trillon dollars

A baseball field is approximately what size?

It's about the size of a baseball field. Hope this helps

How many right angles are on baseball field?

there are 50 right angles on a baseball field.

How big is the baseball field in yards?

Almost every baseball field is a different size.

What did the the baseball field give to his girlfriend?

A diamond because a baseball field is a diamond shape

Where was baseball usually played?

on a baseball field

What ball travels further the softball or the baseball?

The baseball will travel farther because it is smaller. The smaller an object is, the less resistance it has to overcome to continue traveling. This is one of the reasons why a softball field is so much smaller than a baseball field. If softball was played on a baseball field, no one would be able to hit home-runs.

What is the best baseball field?

U.S celluar field!

At what baseball field do the cubs play on?

Wrigley field

What field did Jackie Robinson play on?

The baseball field!

Do the Jacksonville Jaguars play on a baseball field?

No, they play on a football field. I believe that the Miami Dolphins played on a repurposed baseball field.

How many players on a field in baseball?

9 players are on the field at once during a baseball game.