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It depends on who signed it.

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Q: How much is a autographed basketball worth?
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How much is a Michael finley autographed basketball worth?


How much is an autographed Larry Johnson basketball card worth?


How much is a Larry bird autographed basketball worth?

Very much- around $500.

How much is a basketball worth that is autographed by Magic Johnson?

around 250- 400

How much is a Michael Jordan and Larry Byrd autographed basketball worth?


How much is an autographed Raymond Felton Basketball Worth?

the guy was bad maybe max150

How much is an autographed 1994 NCAA championship Arkansas Razorbacks basketball worth?


What is the value of a basketball card autographed by Michael Jordan?

the card is worth $20,000. I have a autographed Michael Jordan basketball card

How much is a Shaquille O'Neal autographed basketball worth?

i have one and they said it was worth 300 dollars. not big bucks, BOO!!

How much is a 2007 San Antonio Spurs basketball autographed by the entire team and coach worth?


How much is a Jordan Magic and Bird Autographed Basketball worth?

Jordan about $1,000 Magic about $700 Bird about $700

How much is UK basketball autographed by Rick Pitino worth?

Between $10 and $50 depending on the ball is id on.

How much is a Warren Moon autographed NFL Football worth?

How much is a Warren Moon autographed worth on ball.

What is the value of an ABA Dallas Chap basketball autographed by the team worth?


How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. autographed hat worth?

how much is a dale Earnhardt sr, autographed hat worth

How much is an autographed trailblazers basketball worth?

Collectables- Coca Cola six pack bottles in carrier,Trail Blazers, bottles never opened,worth anything?

What is the 1992 autographed Olympic Dream team basketball worth?

I've got a basketball signed by the entire dream team. current view is worth about $5,000.

How much is 1999 final four autographed basketball worth signed by magic Johnson?

1000 dollars because he's in the hall of fame, but would be worth more in time.

How much is a basketball autographed by both Pitino?

Whatever someone will pay.

What is the value of an autographed Wilt Chamberlain basketball card?

Dude just sell it its worth a lot

How much is a autographed Cheri Blum print worth?

it is worth a £10

How much is a shirt autographed by the band Disturbed worth?

it is worth about 250,000

How much is your will clark autographed baseball worth?

About $40.

What is the value of an NBA Autographed Basketball?

It depends on who it's autographed by.

How much is an autographed basketball card with negele knight?

I dont think there is one, there is just basketball cards with his autograph.