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A Tony Gwynn autographed Baseball card is worth between $40.-$60. Prices may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been authenticated could sell at half the market value or less.

In general, collectors of baseball cards would rather have a baseball card without the signature. The signature would be considered as a flaw in the condition of the card and will lower the value. An inexpensive card will benefit, but if the value grows in the future it will be held back by the growth of the value of the signature.

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Q: How much is a Tony Gwynn autographed rookie card worth?
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How much is tony gwynn's rookie card worth?

$400 mint

Value of a tony gwynn rookie card?


What is the value of a Post Tony Gwynn rookie card?

1983 Fleer Tony Gwynn rookie card of mint condition could be $15 while gem mint is about $165. Tony Gwynn rookie card have always been popular among the collectors and baseball fans. But, the value has been changed dramatically in years. Visit and look out for baseball card price guide. It features, pricing list of a huge collection of baseball card database.

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How much is a tony gwynn rookie card?

1983 Topps Tony Gwynn Rookie card number 482A 1983 Topps Tony Gwynn Rookie card number 482 has a book value of about $25.00 in Near Mint - Mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important.Common flaws with baseball cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly.

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