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Q: How much is a Ted Williams model 3 T sold by Sears with numbers 273 528111 worth?
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Where can you find an owner's manual for a Ted Williams model 3T rifle sold by sears with the numbers 273 528111 on the barrel?

GOOGLE rifle shops state by state then e mail or snail mail them with your question. One of them will either have one, or know where you could find one.

Ted williams model 53?

Your Ted Williams/sears model 53 is actually a winchester model 70 rifle.

When was the sears ted Williams model 300 number Q 41756?

when was the sears roebuck ted williams model 300 serial number q 41756 made

Who made the Sears Ted Williams m 200 shotgun and can you get a barrel for one?

The Sears model 200 is a Winchester Model 1200.

Who made sears ted Williams model 42?

Same as a Marlin model 80

Who made the Sears Ted Williams M-300 20 gauge shotgun serial Q103755?

The Sears Ted Williams Model 300, semi-auto, shotguns were made by Winchester. The Sears 300 is the same as the Winchester Model 1400.

Did Winchester make ted Williams T3 22 cal gun for sears?

Yes they did. The Sears Ted Williams Model T3 was the exact same .22 caliber rifle as the Winchester Model 190.

Who made the Sears Ted Williams model 75 20Ga semi auto shotgun?

High Standard made the Model 75 for Sears.

What company manufactured the Ted Williams model 1200 shotgun?

The Sears Ted Williams 200 is a Winchester 1200.

How old is ted Williams model 100 30-30 serial?

The only help that I can give you is that your ted williams (Sears brand) model 100 rifle was made by winchester for sears up to 1978.In that year sears quit selling the ted williams brand name firearms.They quit selling all firearms in 1980.

What year is my 273.532730 ted Williams model 73 30.06 springfield?

My best guess is sometime between 1962 (When Sears signed a contract with Ted Williams) and 1978 (Sears discontinued the Ted Williams markings that year), The rifle is a Winchester Model 70- excellent rifle, by the way. The 273 number is the model number. If there is no serial number on the frame, it was pre-1968 (serial numbers were not required by US law on rifles and shotguns until 1968)

SerialQ55127Who made the ted Williams model m300 12ga shotgun?

It is the Winchester model 1400, made for Sears.