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Around $50

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Q: How much is a Richard Petty Pro Set racing card worth?
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How much is a Richard Petty Racing Champions card item no 01125 worth?

I'm not 100 percent sure on how much a mint one is, but on ebay, a near mint one is worth $12.95. - a really young Nascar fan (13 years old)

How much is a 1989 Richard Petty Nascar Maxx race card worth?

Maxx Charlotte card 1A mentions 10 cards .40 to 1.00 Maxx Charlotte card 1B mentions 100 cards 15.00 to 40.00

What is the value of Maurice Richard's 1958-59 hockey card worth?

maurice richard

How much does a racing secretary make a year?

About $250 per racing card.

How much is a salute to racing's greatest Dale Earnhardt?

A Salute to Racing's greatest Dale Earnhardt card can be bought for around $25.00 as of July 2013. How much you will find a card for or sell a card for depends on the condition of the card.

What his the favorite Richard Garfield mtg card?

Richard Garfield's favorite card is Cursed Scroll. He really like that card artwork.

What does NON PO mean on a military id card?

Non-Petty Officer

What is a Galfield Press Pioneers of Stock Car Racing limited edition collector card set worth?

If you trust the Beckett Price Guide, in Near Mint shape it's worth $100 including the album which holds the cards.

Which racing games run without graphics card?

The racing games which can run without a graphic card are nfs underground,nfs most wanted,paris chase,etc...

Is there a 1989 Maxx Racing Card?

Yes there is. I have the complete set

What is a sentence for the word worth?

The baseball card had no worth. "What is your baseball card worth?" he asked.

How much is a terrell Davis rookie card worth?

This card can be worth anywhere from $2.50 to around $50.00 a card. An autographed card is worth much more than a regular card.