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I'll point you in the direction of this website, very bottom, it says $300-500. You never know on eBay could be more.

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Q: How much is a Ping Kushin Scottsdale putter worth?
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What is value of a Ping Putter Scottsdale B68?

It is worth between $1500 - $2000 depending on the condition.

What is the value of Ping Putter Scottsdale 69?

a lot i hope

Who offers the best putter customization?


What is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. ping putter worth?

I have 3 brand new ones in a box never used and wished I knew!

How much is ping echo putter worth?

You can probably sell one at an auction site like eBay for $60 to $70.

What putter does bubba Watson play with?

Ping anser redwood

What is the value of a used Ping Karsten-2 putter?

7 cents

What year was the Ping G2 Tess putter first made?


What year was ping a-blade putter made?

Ping never stopped making the 1A model. You can still order them today from any authorized Ping dealer.

Has anyone ever heard of a Ping Day putter?

Sort of, one of the models of Ping putters is called the 'My Day'. -------------- Yes, I own a PING DAY PUTTER. The "My Day" is a different shape with the shaft entering the putter head somewhat toward the center - while the "Day" has the shaft fully off the heel of the head. The "My Day" seemed to be more readily available than the "Day".

What is a Ping oblade putter stamped with the number 85029 made by karsten mfg corp worth?

A Ping oblade putter stamped with the number 85029 made by karsten mfg corp. was a family owned manufacturer. The company made clubs, bags and other kinds of gear pricing are different depending on what you get like the club it usually sells around forty dollars.

How do you find out the value of your ping answer putter?

Ping clubs hold their value pretty well. You should try eBay or your local golf shop. It obviously depends on condition and other factors. If it has a story behind it or it is a special edition it will be worth a lot more.