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Just found out ... 900 unsigned 1000 with autograph

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about 7 bucks

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I got a Ken griffdy jr

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Q: How much is a Mickey mantle Ken Griffey jr card worth?
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What is the value of a Mickey Mantle bat piece card worth?

2000 Mickey Mantle Bat Card

How much is a tops ultra 2006 Mickey Mantle baseball card worth?

Card # 311

How much is a 2007 topps mickey mantle card worth?

2007 Topps Mickey Mantle Autograph cardMickey mantle passed away on August 13, 1995. The 2007 Topps card you have might feature a facsimile signature as Mickey Mantle could not have signed it. If the card was a autographed insert by Topps which a cut signature would have been used then value will rely on the number of inserts that were made that year. For a value for either the 2007 Topps Mickey Mantle card or insert, the card number would be needed to identify the exact card you have. In general a signed Mickey Mantle Baseball card is worth about $150.-$300. if properly authenticated.

Value of 1963 opp mickey mantle baseball card?

The value of a 1963 Mickey Mantle baseball card will vary depending on the condition of the card. If the card is in good condition, it could be worth more than $1,000.

Why is 563 mickey mantle considered a reprint card?

1997 Topps Mickey Mantle 1960 reprint 563The original Topps Mickey Mantle card number 563 was issued in 1960. In 1997 Topps issued a reprint of the 1960 Topps Mickey Mantle card.

Price of mickey mantle rookie card?

A 1952 Mickey Mantle Topps rookie card once sold for $130,000. Another, his 1951 rookie card, is valued at $1 million. Baseball card prices go up and down and, basically, a card is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

How much would a 2012 Topps Mickey Mantle card be worth?

Not much, maybe $2 at most.

How much is a Derek Jeter baseball card with George Bush and Mickey Mantle in the back ground worth?


Was mickey mantle rookie card in magazine?


In 1996 did they come outwith a remake Mickey Mantle rookie card from Bowman?

No. In 1996, they did not come out with a remake of Mickey Mantle rookie card from Bowman.

What is a mickey mantle baseball card?

A piece of cardboard with Mickey mantles picture.

What is the lowest price you could sell a Mickey Mantle baseball card for?

I can guarantee you that you can sell a Mickey Mantle baseball card for as low as you want. You could sell it for as low as a penny, or give it away for free. A Mickey Mantle Topps 1952 rookie card number 311 is worth at least $4,000. in near/mint condition. You should have no problem getting .02 cents for it or even a penny.