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Approximately 6 - 8.00 us..

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Q: How much is a Michael Jordan topps 1994 reigning scorer leader card worth?
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Who is the Bulls all-time lead scorer?

Michael Jordan.

Who is the top scorer by average in the NBA Finals all time?

Michael Jordan

What happened in sports of 1930s?

Well Michael Jordan was the top scorer in football and Brandon jennings was rockin the bucks!

Top scorer per game in the NBA?

before Michael Jordan went to washington, he averaged 32.7 ppg with the bulls. That is the highest ppg in the nba

He is the best basketball player?

Michael Jordan. But here in the Philippines, my best basketball player is Robert Jaworski.

Who is the 3rd all-time leading scorer in the NBA?


Who was the NBA rookie lead scorer in 1960?

it was micheal jordan

Who was the top scorer of EPL in 1998?

The top scorer of the English Premier League (EPL) in 1998 was Michael Owen.

Is Michael Anderson Drexels all time leading scorer?

No, Michael Anderson Drexels is the all time leading scorer, He holds the 7th highest career scoring average.

Current bundesliga table leader and top scorer?

Bayern München is on top of the table and Shinji Okazaki (Mainz 05) is the top scorer.

Who was Liverpool FC's youngest ever goal scorer?

michael owen

Whos the best shooter in the NBA?

It really depends...there are quite a few, in the NBA now-Ray Allen, Kyle history Larry Bird, Michael Jordan was a good scorer but shooting he was good but not the best.