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I don't know about the Jordan part of it but the 23k gold stamp from my research (I have the same question) is not 23k gold. It can't be. 24k gold an ounce is 556 dollars an ounce. So it's not real gold. It has to be gold foil or something like that. Most gold stamp things I have seen have been under 15 bucks. 1 gram of gold (33 grams of gold make a troy ounce) is worth 15-18 dollars depending on market price. So again. It can't be real gold or 14k, 10k type gold. I'm still looking but that is what I have found so far. By the way a gram of gold is like the size of you fingernail on you pinky finger. That's how small it is. So unless you item is that small, you can be assured it can't be real gold. If someone knows something else out there let us know. You may want to try Harlan Berk Inc in Chicago, they may gawk at the request but they are a high end retailer of gold and coins, etc. and I would be sure they would know. Yes, it is real gold. One property of gold that makes it valuable is the ability to form a very thin layer, less than 1/10 the thickness of ordinary typing paper. These stamps are paper covered with 22 or 24 Kt gold, but there is less than $1 worth of gold bullion.

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I have called a couple of places and they have pretty much said a bunch of garbage ive had mine for 12 years and i never actually checked the value but honest since there were few made i think over $1,000

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Q: How much is a Michael Jordan Commemortive Gold Stamp?
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