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Q: How much is a Joe Montana Limited Edition signed Hologram card worth If you don't know then where can I go to find out?
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What is the value of a signed Halo 2 game?

28.00 for the Limited Collector's Edition

How many limited edition signed copies of Freedom by Franzen with errors were sold?

My copy says it is one of 2000 signed first edition. It is one of the recalled version with the errors.

How do you get a limited edition signed in a packet of Match Attex?

get more than 20 packets

Value of beryl cook limited edition painting lunch time out of print since 1984 signed by artist?

The value of Beryl book limited edition painting Lunch time out print since 1984 signed by the artist is 200 pounds.

What is the value of a signed first edition book Marsmen In Burma by John Randolph?

it depends on the condition of the book and whether or not it is a limited edition! basically a limited edition signed first edition in good condition is worth roughly $450.00-$900.00. this also depends on the person buying it. if they are a serious collector they will probably pay closer to the latter price!

What is a signed limited edition collagraph titled Carnaval by R. S. Riddick worth?


What is the value of a baseball bat signed by the young superstars of baseball with limited edition of 200?

$900 - $1000

What is a signed limited edition lithograph of the mural Procession at Chalma worth?

$500.00 or $675.00 replacement value.

What do the initials cp on a signed hand embellished limited edition giclee print mean?

Closed Print (no more prints will be made). Similar as closed edition.

What is the Value of a Dale Rust signed limited edition print?

I suggest that you find an auctioneer and ask him how much similar pieces sell for.

Why are limited edition prints signed in pencil?

Because computers can't reproduce pencils, so a Pencil signature indicates authenticity

What is the Original Painting price by Terry Redlin?

That depends largely on if it's framed and how; what kind of frame, how many mats, and what kind, etc... Is it numbered and signed? As a point of reference, an unframed signed and numbered limited edition print of Terry Redlin's "Sunlit Trails" retails for $1,233