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Q: How much is a Hines Ward football card worth?
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What was Hines Ward's rookie number?

His rookie number was 15. Look at his rookie Topps card. I thought it was odd that he switched. Hines Ward wore #86 throughout his Steelers career. He wore #15 in college and his rookie preseason.

How much is a Micheal Cobb football card signed worth?

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How much is the football card Mark Murphy worth?

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How much is Jim Lynch football card worth?

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How much is a Deion Sanders football card worth?

Worth $0.01.

How much is a Hines Ward rookie card worth?

Depending on it's condition it may vary. If it is in perfect condition it is probably worth any where from 10-20 dollars. My little brother, not knowing this card was important to me, wasn't careful and bent the edges. This took the price down by almost half! So make sure you take care of it. If you are planning on selling it, wait until Ward retires. The price will go up alot!

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What is value of reggie white football card topps 490?

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How much is a sign autograph football card worth?

Depends on what card it is and who signed it. Typically the more rare the card is the more it's worth.

What football card is worth the most?

The Bronco Nagurski- 1935 National Chicle SCG 96 card worth $240,000.

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