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1993 Dale Earnhardt box is worth 3300.00-4300.00

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โˆ™ 2011-12-17 00:47:01
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Q: How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. Snap On toolbox worth?
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How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. 1998 Daytona 500 winner Snap-On 24kt gold engraved wrench worth?


How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. Snap On air ratchet and die grinder in box with winning Daytona 500 race car worth?

The Air Ratchet and the Die Grinder itself are worth around $500.00, these are very rare and not alot of copies were made.

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What is a Snap-On Tools 3 Generations of Earnhardt lug nut socket set worth with 3 lug nut sockets gold engraved Snap-On logo genuine recreation of Ralph E. Dale E Sr. Dale E. Jr. signatures engraved?

I have had this set for a long time. I searched it and you can still buy it on Amazon for $129.00. It must be that they made a truckload of these things, because I bought one on ebay about five years ago for $75 . Snap-On ripped me off to begin with, but I will never part with mine. My son will get all of my collection.

How much is a Dale Earnhardt Sr. Snap On tool box worth?

If it's new, about $12,000, if it's not (film off, no cover, scratches etc) you could probably get between $3,000-$8,500 (depending on the condition). Maybe more if you find the right guy, which shouldn't be too difficult.

How much is a kra 56 j six time Winston cup dale earndhart sr snap on tool box worth?

If its in great condition full of snap on tools about $ 2175.00

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