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Q: How much is a Champions League soccer jersey worth that is autographed by the Liverpool team?
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How much is an autographed jersey worth?

An autographed jersey varies in worth based on player and team. Well known players receive higher amounts for their autographed jersey's over new players.

Where should you get a jersey autographed?

Steiner Sports

Where can you buy a Liverpool long sleeve jersey?

from the offical Liverpool website

Nolan Ryan card?

You need to be more specific. Is it autographed? Rookie? Jersey Card? Autographed- maybe $200 Rookie- 40-45 Jersey- $76

What is the value of a Ray Lewis autographed jersey?

If home jersey over 400 dollars

What is the value of a robin yount autographed jersey?


What is a Stan musial autographed jersey worth?


How much is a David Wright autographed name from jersey worth?

David Wright is a baseball player who as of 2014 plays for the Mets. An autographed jersey for this player sells for an average of 200.00.

What is the value of a Rick Nash autographed jersey?

A Rick Nash autographed jersey is worth anywhere from $300 to $600 dollars. Jerseys with a holograph or from a stadium series are worth more.

Value of an autographed cal ripken jr jersey?

An autographed Cal Ripken Jr. jersey is worth $599 dollars. Cal Ripken was a baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles.

How much is an autographed jersey of Wayne Gretzky's worth?

Typically, autographed jerseys of Wayne Gretzky are worth a lot of money. Currently, an autographed jersey of Wayne Gretzky is worth anywhere between two hundred and six hundred dollars.

What is the value of an autographed jersey from Chris Bosh?

The value is always in the eye of the beholder. That being said ... i am looking for one too for my sports room. I recently bought an autographed Wayne Gretzky officially autographed jersey for $600.00 ... and he is the best in history (so far). I wouldn't pay more than $200 for an autographed Bosh jersey. You just might have to look for a little while.

How much is an autographed Kobe Bryant jersey worth?


How much is a Sidney Crosby autographed jersey worth?

about 2000$

How much is an autographed Michael Jordan jersey worth?


How much is a Danny White autographed jersey worth?


What is Jamie carrager's number for Liverpool?

Jamie Caragers wears a jersey number 23 for Liverpool.

Where can one find a Brett Favre autographed jersey?

One can find a Brett Favre autographed jersey from eBay where they are available for around $300. One can also get them from Sports Memorabilia and Autograph City.

How much is an autographed Derek Jeter high school jersey?


What is a 2006 pistons team autographed jersey worth?

$300 to 500

How much does a Tim Tebow autographed broncos jersey cost?


How much is a 1992 dream team autographed jersey worth?


Where can one buy an autographed Arizona Cardinals jersey?

You can purchase an autographed Arizona Cardinals jersey through personal sellers online at eBay as well as Craigslist. You can also purchase them through the Amazon website.

Where can one purchase a Green Bay Packers jersey autographed by a player?

Someone who is a Green Bay Packers fan could buy an autographed jersey from SportsMemorabilia. A few other websites are Amazon and ProSportsMemorabilia.

What is the value of a game worn autographed Karl Malone jersey?

A Karl Malone game worn autographed jersey from one of the 14 All-Star Games that he played in is valued at $1,112. Other game worn jerseys autographed by Karl Malone are selling for $300 to $750.