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same as an average tennis ball unless it is signed

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Q: How much is a Australian Open tennis ball?
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How much does the women's runner up in the Australian Tennis Open get?

1,100,000 pound

How much did djokovic tennis player earn his latest wins?

He won 26 million Australian Dollars at the Australian Open.

How much money did Channel 7 pay to win the television rights for the Australian Open tennis?

600 million for 5 years.

How much does a tennis ball weigh in grams?

A standard tennis ball weighs about 56g-58g.

How much does a US Open tennis ball weigh?

The official rules of Table Tennis state that the ball shall be: * spherical, with a diameter of 40mm and * weigh 2.7g and * be made of celluloid or similar plastics material and * be white or orange, and matt

If you saved all the skin you shed in one year would it weigh as much as a tennis ball or a baseball or a basketball?

Tennis ball

How much does a table tennis ball weight in newtons?

A tennis ball is 0.125 pounds. A forceof0.125 Ibs converts to 0.556 newtons.

What is a tennis balls?

A tennis ball is basicaly a ball filled with air through a valve. I don't kanow too much about it, I have to admit.

How much does does a table tennis ball way?


Does tectonic plate size affect earthquake magnitude?

I believe it does. If you imagine it with a bowling ball and two tennis balls, when you roll one tennis ball into another stationary tennis ball, it rolls away, but not that far. Now repeat the same experiment with a bowling ball and a tennis ball, the result is much clearer as to which moved the stationary tennis ball more. The bowling ball did as it has a larger mass and size.

What are a list of games you can play with just a tennis ball?

With ONLY a tennis ball, you are pretty much limited to Catch, or maybe hot potato.

Why does a tennis ball not bounce that much on grass?

Because it has a soft surface.