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Dont no

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โˆ™ 2012-09-19 22:35:35
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Q: How much is a 93-94 upper deck Michael Jordan signature moves hang time card worth?
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What is the value of lunch box Michael Jordan?

no value of michael jordan's lunch box upper deck

How much is a diamond star upper deck 23 kt gold signature and photo Michael Jordan trading card worth with a certificate of authenticity?


How much is a 91-92 Michael Jordan upper deck card worth?

I have authgraph signature of Michael Jordan 91 NBA game with LA Lakers against Chicago bulls playing basketball that year in LA. I have his signature on this card, a piece of the floor and only 23 of these cards signed. I have the brown and green card from Upper Deck from San Diego, CA. Trying to find out what this card is worth.

What are upper deck Michael Jordan holographic gold card set of 12 1985-1997 with signature worth?

i do not know but i have most a set that i am trying to get a value on myself

How much is an Upper Deck 1979 Michael Jordan rookie card?

I doubt it exists. Michael Jordan was drafted into the NBA by the Chicago Bulls in 1984.

What does the ones the threes and the fives mean on Michael Jordan t shirt?

2003-04 Upper Deck Sweet Shot 135 Michael Jordan

Value of Michael Jordan Plate 1997 Upper Deck?


How much is a Michael Jordan upper deck coin worth?


What is the value of a upper deck Michael Jordan phi beta Jordan North Carolina hologram card?


How much is a Michael Jordan All-Star card upper deck?

Micheal jordan all star what are they selling for

How much is a Michael Jordan upper deck baseball card?

Michael Jordan was never on a baseball card. He plays basketball. Wow, Michael Jordan did play Baseball. I think it was only for 1 season.But, Yes, He did Play Baseball!

What is the value of an Upper Deck Michael Jordan decade of dominance card?


What is the value of a Michael Jordan Upper Deck skylights basketball card?


What is the price of a 1992 Michael Jordan upper deck misprint card?


Upper deck Michael Jordan 1997 influence card worth?

about $.75

What is the value of Michael Jordan upper deck 1991 basketball rookie card?

Worth of a upper decker #9 Micheal Jordan basketball card

What is the value of a 1992-1993 Michael Jordan Upper Deck card?

about 150 dollars

What is a 1993 upper deck Michael Jordan skylight card worth?

Like $3

How much is an autographed upper deck Michael Jordan card worth?

As much as you got it for.

How much is a upper deck Michael Jordan card 1996?

1-3 dollars

Who many people have the 1998 upper deck Michael Jordan big cards?

I have one!

Value of upper deck all metal Michael Jordan cards?

1000 dollars

What is the value of upper deck Michael Jordan NBA finals cards?

$100,000,000 US

How much is a 1993-94 Michael Jordan upper deck 23 worth?


How much is the Michael Jordan scottie pippen upper deck dual card?