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hello i purchased a glenfeild /marlin thi summer for 165$ in near nint condition i looked up the rifle in a gun collecter s book the going price WA 150$ but didnt state the condition of the rifle . i have enjoyed thins rifle bothe 4 hunting and target shooting since the purchace i have got a sling/scope andcartrige carrier fore the stock i have enjoyed this rifle and suggest it to others it is verty simalar to the marlin 336a the only difference is the glenfeild does not have a safety . enjoy and safe shooting

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:04:41
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Q: How much is a 30-30 marlin -glenfeild?
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What is the value of a Marlin 3030 model 30A?

The Marlin/Glenfeild 30A have gone up in value. Condition is everything of course. 3-$500 is normal.

What is the current value of a marlin glenfeild mod 60?


What magazine fits the glenfeild model 25?

A Marlin magazine. The model 25 is the same as a Marlin model 80.

What is the value of a 22 marlin glenfeild model25 rifle?

25-100 USD

What is the age of a glenfeild mod25 seAr69233161?

the glenfeild rifle is a marlin line,same quality of rifle,less the wood work. the model 25 was producd mainly in the 60's and 70's

How much is a 1975 Marlin 3030 rifle that has never been fired worth?

50-350 USD or so

How old and where parts are available Marlin model 1893 3030 345935?

there is a marlin collectors site or

What year was marlin 3030 serial number19018664 made?


Did marlin make a 3030 with a 16.25 inch barrel?


Who makes sales westpoint model-33 3030?


What is the age of Marlin 336CS serial 10108574 in 3030 Win?


What is the value of Marlin Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Model 3030?


What year was the mountain man edition 3030 marlin manufactured?


How old is my marlin 3030 rifle?

Not enough information given to answer this question.

How do you tell when my marlin 336 3030 was made?

By including the serial number in your question,we will be able to answer when your Marlin model 336 was produced.

What is the value of marlin fire arop model 336-sc 3030 cal est 1870 serial f55007?

the cost 3030 cal 336sc

How much is a marlin 3030 worth that is 35 years old?

I just bought one that is @ 32 years old today and paid $225.00.

How do you dislodge bullet from a marlin 3030 rifle?

This would be best left to a qualified gunsmith to do.

What does a gold trigger on a marlin 3030 model 336 sn 0104708?

Model variation

What is the value of a marlin 336 100th anniversary edition 3030?

300-500 USD

1950 marlin 3030 is worth?

All depends on condition, model, accessories,...etc.

What is the value of a Marlin 3030 model 1893 26 inch full octagon barrel manufactured in 1902 SN259683?

The Marlin 3030 model is a classic hunting rifle made in 1902. The value of this gun today can reach several thousand dollars.

What is a marlin 30 30 the American hunter tribute no. 35 an edition of 300?

Marlin 336c 3030 The American Hunter #35 of 300... value?

What is the value of a marlin model 1893 octagonal barrel 3030 and serial number 294777?


What year was serial number 05062335 marlin 3030 336cs micro-grove manufactured?