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The Michael Jordan Rare Air Tribute set consists of 90 standard-size cards, combining Walter Iooss, Jr. Photography with other classic shots from Jordan's career. The set was sold exclusively in a factory box with a suggested retail price of $19.99. Each set included two 3 3/8" by 7 7/8" cards featuring black-and-white action shots highlighted by a red tint stripe. In addition, each set had a serial number out of 30,000. One gold foil-stamped set was included in every 12-set case for the hobby only. The fronts feature full- bleed color photos, capturing Jordan both on and off the court. Set subtitles are silver foil-stamped on the fronts. The "Rare Air" cards (1-50) have pictures taken directly from the best-selling book Rare Air, by Michael Jordan and Walter Iooss Jr. The "Out Takes" cards (51-60) feature pictures from Iooss' personal collection that were never released. Finally, the "MJ, Decade of Dominanace" cards (61- 90) highlight Jordan's incredible accomplishments during his NBA career. The backs present personal commentary by Iooss and/or Jordan, or highlights from Jordan's career.

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Q: How much is a 1998 Upper Deck Michael Jordan signature set worth?
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