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I just sold one for 120,500 dollars they are very very very rare

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โˆ™ 2008-02-18 22:49:03
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Q: How much is a 1993 Michael Jordan three-time NBA MVP retirement plaque with a golden signature worth?
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What is the value of a 1993 Michael Jordan 3-time NBA MVP Retirement Plaque with a golden signature?

i have 1 of the "greatest ever" special retirement cards. can anyone please help me on where i can sell it?

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HE did not. it was just a commercial

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Michael Jordan's first retirement was from the sport of professional basketball.

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500 to 5000 dollars

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He is a part owner of the bobcats in Charlotte.

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Michael Jordan had always wanted to wear #45 because it was his brother Larry's favorite number, and he idolized him.

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what is value of a .999fine silver mint coin for Michael Jordan with certificate of authenticity

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2c and that's in AUD.

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he wanted to make his own signature shot there is no reason

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not really to be honest.

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How did Nike Air Jordan come about?

Michael Jordan was signed by Nike before he entered the NBA as a highly prospected rookie. Nike offered to create a signature shoe for Michael Jordan named after him. This was the first signature basketball shoe for Nike and the most significant in the company's history. The first Air Jordan shoe was released in 1985.

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The card "Michael Jordan card 23 Karat gold rookie signiture" is absolutely rare. It is estimated that the card would be at least worth $2,000 and increasing in worth.