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The (accepted) Michael Jordan rookie card actually comes from the 1986-87 Fleer set.

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Q: How much is a 1992 USA Michael Jordan Sky Box rookie card worth?
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How much is a 1992 Skybox USA Michael Jordan Rookie card 38 worth?

About $1. See or eBay

How much is a 1992 Michael Jordan rookie card worhth?

500-600 bucks a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

How much is Michael Jordan's 1992 USA basketball team card worth?

Michael jordan 1992 USA basketball card 579 team

What do you think MICHAEL Jordan 1992 sneakers is worth?

300 dollars

How much is a 1992 Michael Jordan Barcelona jersey worth?


What is a Michael Jordan Fleer 1992-93 card worth?


How much is a 1992 Michael Jordan fleer card worth?


What is the value or a 1992-1993 Michael Jordan Upper Deck Card worth Card number CH4?

Its not worth that much considering people have rookie and jersey cards. I would say that it would only be worth about 5 dollars(for a good deal)

How famous was Michael Jordan?

in 1992

How much is a signed hat of Michael Jordan worth?

Some Jordan signed hats can range from $300 to $1800 but those are vintage 1992 bulls

How much is a 1992 Michael Jordan US basketball team card worth?

id say about 750 dollars

Who was Michael Jordan playing in the 1992 finals?

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls faced the Portland Trail Blazers in the 1992 NBA Finals.

Does Michael Jordan have a daughter?

Yes. Her name is Jasmine Michael Jordan (born December 7, 1992).

How much is a 1992 Michael Jordan Skybox card number 45 worth?

Around $3-$6 depending on condition.

How much is a 1992 Michael Jordan US Olympic NBA Hoops basketball card number 579 worth?

how much is a 91-92 Michael Jordan us olympic nba hoops basketball card

How much is a 1992 US Olympic Games Michael Jordan NBA Hoops card worth?

less than 5 bucks.

How much is a 1992 pat listach rookie card worth?


What year did Michael Jordan win his second championship?


What are 1992 USA olympic basketball dream team lineup figurines worth?

Michael Jordan's is worth $0.99, Charles Barkley $0.21, Magic Johnson $0.89.

How much is a 1992 Michael Jordan Skybox card number 45 worth autographed?

shid idk.beastmode-grimmieboyz. haaann. unn~unn

How much is a 1991-1992 Fleer Team leader Michael Jordan basketball card worth?

about as much as a piece of paper with your moms autograph on it

How much is dominique wilkins rookie card worth from 1992-93?

nothing. wilkins rookie year was way before that.

What year did Michael Jordan lead the Dream team at the Olympics?


What was Michael Jordan's Olympics uniform number?

Number 9 in 1992

When did MJ retire baseball?

MIchael Jordan Retired Baseball in 1992